Database Systems II


Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Guido Moerkotte
Interval:Spring semester
Credit Points:6 ECTS (4 SWS)
Time and place:Weekly on Mondays, 12:00-13:30, B6 A1.01
First lecture:18.02.2019

Prerequisites: Knowledge in Database Systems, Algorithms and Programming



  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Todd Austin: Structured Computer Organization 6e, Chaps. 2.1 (Processors), 2.2 (Primary Memory), 4.4 (Design of the Microarchitecture Level), 4.5 (Improving Performance), 8.1 (On-Chip Parallelism), 8.3.3 (UMA Symmetric Multiprocessor Architecture), 8.3.4 (NUMA Multiprocessors)
  • David Patterson and John Hennessy: Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach
  • Charles E. Leiserson, Clifford Stein, Ronald Rivest, and Thomas H. Cormen: Introduction to Algorithms 3e, Chap. 11 (Hash Tables)
  • Héctor García-Molina, Jeffrey Ullman, and Jennifer Widom: Database Systems: The Complete Book 2e, Chap. 15 (Query Execution)

Exercise Sessions

Lecturer:Daniel Flachs
Time and place:Weekly on Wednesdays, 13:45-15:15, B6, A1.01
First time:20.02.2019

The weekly exercise sheets are published here. They are not mandatory, but solving them is highly recommended. The solutions are discussed during the exercise sessions.


0C++ Intro--slides00.pdf
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Please report any mistakes in the materials to Daniel Flachs.